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Tron, oh Tron, she is so great isnt she? She's pretty, funny, smart, and a computer animated figure. Why should I like her so much? Well to begin with, I'll explain what Tron does to the game MegaMan Legends. Tron plays the role of a member of The Bonne Pirates. Her first mission on kattelox was to spy on the island's deffenses and take control of the downtown area. While spying, some good for nothing kids sick a dog on Tron. The kind hearted MegaMan helps out Tron and for Tron, it was love at first site. Being confused about her feelings, Tron runs away from MegaMan and prepares to take control of the downtown area. This one moment in the game had me hooked. The enemy in love with the hero. Tron was in a sticky situation, she was confused about her feelings toward MegaMan, yet she had to destroy anyone getting in her way of taking over Kattelox, and MegaMan was definitly getting in her way. Due to this great effect of dramatic irony, I think Tron is coolest character from MegaMan Legends.

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Jerk off to her to the point where most of my living relatives have blacklisted and blocked me from ever contacting them, I own all merch of Tron, the Servbots and I even have a Tron Bonne body pillow, please god help me.

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